About Nav-Trx

Welcome to Nav-Trx a ride-hailing company which descends from Navantrics Ltd established in 2020 with its headquarters in England and Ghana.

It is one of the logistic sections of the company in its own complete uniquely formed system. The system is able to provide sophisticated services with total inclusive of security, realibiliy and simplicity during usage.

At Nav-Trx we take great pride in our drivers and riders, providing our riders with comfortability, security, affordability, reliability, data allowance, various bonuses and for our drivers massive income, security, data allowance and various other monthly rewards and bonuses.

At Nav-Trx we are focus to increase our drivers with better security, more earnings and at the same time providing affordable fares and again better security for our riders.

Ride and Drive with NAV-TRX today and be part of a company that understands your needs and wants

As we value trust and confidentiality. Nav-trx holds these same values from Navantrics and practice nothing less than Navantrics main core values which governs their practices. nav-trx is security tight with focus to increase drivers earnings and at the same time providing affordable ride fares to our riders.

Try NAV-TRX today for your own experience.